One of the most interesting transformational trends in our society is the grass-roots movement towards an economic paradigm that re-examines our understandings of the concepts of need, wealth, money, abundance and thriving.

Many people agree that the current capitalist system is failing us: The majority are struggling to make ends meet, while corporations and banks are getting richer and richer.  We are looking for something more, a system that reflects the importance of the protecting the Earth, helping one another, and living in balance.

But how does this translate to practice and real- life changes?

We increasingly prefer to spend our resources on products that uphold sustainable, organic, and/or conscious models of business. We are tired of greed, corruption, and individuals taking as much as they can without regard for others. We want to share our gifts freely with the world, and hold space for others to do the same.

In order to explore these issues in greater depth, Dr. Kelly of Lucid Planet Radio  interviewed the experts to shed light on three different parts of the movement: The path towards an economics of consciousness, the path towards having ‘enough,’ and the path towards a gift economy. The goal of these interviews is to investigate what it means to create a new economic model, and to  find out how can we begin to integrate these principles into our own lives.

The Path Towards an Economics of Consciousness

First, Dr. Kelly interviewed theoretical physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami, to discuss his new book, “Quantum Economics: Unlocking the Power of an Economics of Consciousness.” Dr. Goswami offers a way out of the current world of economic inequality, where the middle class is disappearing and poverty grows, that allows us to bring meaning and value back into our lives through the economics of consciousness. Quantum Economics is something that everyone can benefit from; the economist, the business person and the consumer. It is a valuable tool for change, a plan of action for implementing new ideas.

In this interview, we discuss the shift of placing our financial emphasis not into making as much money as possible, but into making a living and becoming successful while retaining our values and integrity. We discuss the trends of creating and seeking jobs that bring meaning and value into personal lives, revitalizing business with new leadership, transforming the energy of money, and learning new ways to consume and new ways to produce. By envisioning our financial transactions through the lens of consciousness, we can bring abundance and sustainability to not just the economy, but to the planet and to our very existence.

The Path Towards Having “Enough”

Next, Dr. Kelly sat down with Alexis Neely to talk about manifesting financial liberation while living the life you want. A successful attorney turned financial activist and advisor, Ali helps people find their place of “enoughness” using her revolutionary ‘Money Map’ program, shattering the assumption that hoarding wealth creates happiness. It does not. The true path to happiness comes from finding peace in financial liberation and personal sovereignty.

In this interview, we discuss Ali’s amazing journey of finding herself and her balance with money. We talk about how to find what makes you come alive and how to build an income that supports the life you REALLY want – one that is in alignment with who you truly are, how you want to live, and how you want to contribute to humanity and the planet. You can re-frame your financial story into one where you deserve to be compensated for the gifts that you give to the world, and where everyone has enough. We talk about how to open your eyes to the new economy, knowing you can earn what you need, when you need it, on demand. We also discuss how to cope with and offset the pressure of running a successful business while also having family, friends and a fulfilling LIFE.

The Path Towards a Gift Economy

Dr. Kelly recently interviewed Sustainable Human’s Chris Agnos about the path towards a gift economy. Because we may not be able to rely on politicians and elites invested in the status quo to change the economic system, Chris believes that it may be up to each of us to begin taking the steps towards a voluntary, gift-based economic system that may also restore that lost sense of community many of us feel in the modern world.

Chris discusses what it means to live ‘sustainably’ and how we can rewrite our human narrative to reflect a story of living in harmony and valuing life. We discuss the problems with our economy today, including how technological unemployment, extreme inequality, and exponential growth are eroding the foundations of our current economic system. Chris presents the idea of a functioning “gift economy” – and explains how this differs from monetary transactions and bartering. What is stopping us from freely and voluntarily giving our gifts to one another and to the world, and what would it take for each of us to be able to give these gifts without concern for money? We discuss how the gift economy can empower people to rebuild their communities from the ground-up and benefit humanity and the planet’s future.

If living within a system of sustainable abundance is important to you, you get involved in creating the new gift economy by signing up for the Sustainable Human Gift Economy on Hylo.

Did you like these talks? Are there topics or people in the field of conscious economics that you would like to learn more about? Please email Dr. Kelly and we can make it happen!

Light and Love!