Dr. Kelly gives speeches, talks and workshops in the following subject areas:


  • Conscious Sex & Relationships

Dr. Kelly posses a unique, empowering outlook on alternative relationship styles, as a bisexual, divorced polyamorous woman who has taught human sexuality at the college level for many years. Her “Poly 101” and “Sexual Archetypes” workshop have showed both men and women how to manage multiple loving relationships in an ethical responsible way, helped them connect to their underlying sexual needs to make sense of their conditioned patterns of behavior, taught them skills to find the right partner, enhance sexual communication, and use orgasms to heal and improve overall relationship satisfaction. She focuses on sexuality as an “energetic exchange” and seeks to help people find the right partners for their mind, body and spirit. She is currently working on a book on “Sexual Consciousness” to be published in 2017.

  • Women’s Health and Wellness  

Women’s health and wellness remains one of the most important and yet poorly understood areas of our health care system. In these workshops, Dr. Kelly shares her amazing story as a survivor of an emergency hysterectomy and severe, life-threatening anemia leaving her without the ability to have children at the age of 31. Her story is a lesson about the journey towards healing, and what we can learn from near-death experience. Despite losing her uterus, Dr. Kelly feels more like a woman now than ever. She is living proof that our identity as women has to do with the heart, mind and spirit and embraces the changes that happen in the female body. Find out how we can turn our greatest struggles into our greatest strengths.

  • Discovering Your True Self  & Self-Esteem Boosting

Our planet is becoming more lucid, as we begin to demand justice respect for our fellow humans and for ALL life on Earth.  Dr. Kelly recognizes the struggles and challenges that can arise as our identities shift and we awaken to the depth of the changes that need to happen within ourselves and our world. In these talks she shares her story about how she left the ‘appropriate’ life path that seemed to be her destiny to follow her passion on the road less travelled. Through her talks on conscious awakening, you can learn coping skills for navigating the shift of consciousness both in our own lives in our communities, connect more deeply to your passions and translate them into your life’s path, and learn how to develop your intuition, confidence and self-esteem.

  • Transformational Festivals, Visionary Art, Culture & Psychedelica

A regular speaker and participant in transformational festivals and culture, Dr. Kelly recognizes and has experienced first had the power of art, music, and community to heal and to evolve our consciousness. As underground festival culture emerges into the mainstream and begins to inspire our consciousness, creativity and the future of world as we know it, Dr. Kelly’s talks help participants gain a heightened understanding of the impact of visionary art upon consciousness, the psychedelic revolution in therapeutic and recreational contexts, the evolution electronic music scene, and the future of humanity through the lens of transformational festival culture.

Selection of Past Talks:

  • The Lucid Planet Experience: How the Revolution of Consciousness is Shaping our Future” – Lucidity 2016
  • Uncovering Your Sexual Symbols” – Lucidity 2016
  • Polyamory 101” – Enchanted Forest 2015
  • Conscious Open Relationships” – Sonic Bloom 2015
  • Love and Sex in the Time of Conscious Awakening” – Firefly 2015
  • How Transformational Festivals Can Evolve Consciousness” – Sonic Bloom 2014