Join Dr. Kelly and Chris Agnos this week as we discuss the world-wide shift towards an economics of consciousness. Technological unemployment, extreme inequality, and exponential growth are eroding the foundations of our current economic system. Politicians and elites invested in the status quo are incapable of coming up with solutions within the current economic framework. It may be up to each of us to begin taking the steps towards a voluntary, gift-based economic system that may also restore that lost sense of community many of us feel in the modern world.

Chris is a social / cultural engineer and storyteller. He has been running the Sustainable Human Facebook page with a following of over 1.5 million people attempting to dive into the deep roots of our many sustainability crises. Chris has spoken at TED and has recently flipped the idea of an organization upside down in a way that he hopes will offer an alternative narrative for people to voluntarily choose to bring about a world of sustainable abundance for all. Find out more at sustainablehuman.com