Many people have devoted themselves to jobs and lifestyles that are unsatisfying or not in alignment with their passions. We want to serve the planet, and we want to follow our dreams, but many of us believe it is not possible to do this and also make a good living. We think we need to save and hoard for the future, but maybe what we really need to do is think about the present. On the dawn of this new year, today’s show is all about WAKING UP to the truth of what you really need to do when it comes to building a life and income you love — awake, aware and your terms.

Join Dr Kelly this week as she interviews Alexis Neely on how to achieve financial liberation while living in alignment with your highest self. Alexis Neely, who you may also know as Ali Shanti, is a bridge between the generations, between old and new paradigms, between the spiritual aspects of manifestation and the practical aspects of bringing what you desire into action. She graduated first in her class from Georgetown law in 1999 and went on to build her own law practice into a million dollar business and now teaches other lawyers how to implement her new law business model in their own practices. In addition, she teaches a program called the Money Map that will guide you to find your own place of ‘enoughness’ so you can stop striving for more of that which doesn’t satisfy and find peace in financial liberation and personal sovereignty now.

In this show, we will discuss Alexis/Ali’s amazing journey of finding herself and her balance with money. We talk about how to find what makes you come alive and how to build an income that supports the life you REALLY want – one that’s in alignment with who you truly are, how you want to live, and how you want to contribute to humanity and the planet. You can re-frame your financial story into one where you deserve to be compensated for the gifts that you give to the world, and where everyone has enough. We talk about how to open your eyes to the new economy, knowing you can earn what you need, when you need it, on demand. We also discuss how to cope with and offset the pressure of running a successful business while also having family, friends and a fulfilling LIFE.

If 2016 is the year that you are going to change your life, you do not want to miss this show! Light and Love!