This week. Dr. Kelly explores the REAL power of music to heal, to unite cultures, and to help save our planet. It is easy to talk about this in an abstract way, but today’s guest are actually demonstrating to the how this is possible and happening in areal-world context.

First up, we have Luminaries, a conscious hip-hop group from Los Angeles who are making waves with their Indie-GoGo campaign to fund the film, “When the People Lead” which is about the Luminaries and Citizen Diplomacy Initiative’s peace delegation to Palestine & Israel. We discuss their journey to the Middle East and how they have witnessed the power of music to bring peace.

Next, Dr. Kelly welcomes Stephen Brooks to the show, all the way from Costa Rica! He is a self-trained ethnobotanist, the founder and Director of the Punta Mona Center in Costa Rica, and the co-producer and co-founder of Envision Festival. We will discuss how transformational gatherings like Envision have the power to create accessible experiences that influence people’s lives, and how we can learn to make sustainable living changes to help heal our planet.

The show also features “Peace” by Luminaries and brand new track, “Wilbur” by GrymeTyme.