Today, Meditation expert and bestselling author Dr. Danny Penman shares his incredible story of how meditation changed his life and healed him from extreme trauma. He explains the powers of mindfulness, refutes myths about meditation, and walks us through some guided meditations to help you feel less anxious and happier. Finally we discuss the importance of breathing for creativity and the cosmic breath that unites us all.

Your breath is the greatest asset you have. It’s naturally meditative and always with you. It reflects your most powerful emotions and allows you to either soothe or harness them. It helps you to feel sold, whole and in complete control of your life while grounding you in the present moment, clarifying the mind and unshackling your instincts. And yet, few of us actually breathe correctly. Learning the art of breathing kindles a sense of wonder, of awe, and curiosity — the very foundations of a happier and more meaningful life.

It grants you the courage to accept yourself with all of your faults and failings. To treat yourself with the kindness, empathy and compassion that you truly need, and helps you to look outwards and embrace the world

And when you’ve mastered the art of breathing, you will finally be at peace with yourself and the world!