May 1st marks Beltane, the traditional celebration of spring, renewal, rebirth and fertility! Join Dr. Kelly and witchcraft expert Judika Illess as we explore the significance of this Spring celebration of fire, sex and fertility, from ancient cultural traditions to awakening of Divine Feminine happening RIGHT NOW!

We also focus on ways to maximize the power of this day. Are you looking for a new partner, or to awaken romance in your life? Or perhaps you are looking to increase your fertility or creativity? Judika shares some basic rituals you can engage in today, during this full moon, to set intentions to bring these energies into your life.

If you are a believer in earth energy, nature, Paganism, magick, witchcraft or just curious about exploring these ideas, Judika Illess is a great resource, and this show can serve as a jumping off point for your own journey. Light and Love!