Powerful men across Industry, Government and Hollywood did not respect it. And the women who are now coming forward about their sexual abuse at the hands of these men are only now truly claiming it. “It” is their SEXUAL SOVEREIGNTY—the right to control their own sexual and physical fate—not being subject to the demands, the whims, the control or the perversion of others.

Do you realize that in no country in the world, nor even the United Nations Human Rights Charter, is there any stipulation that women have the rights to their own bodies,” says Dr. Saida Désilets, Ph.D.

A thought-leader and speaker on the growing edge of researching ways women can use their minds, bodies, and spirits to create richer lives through their sensual selves, transpersonal psychologist Dr. Saida serves as a guide to women who believe in transformation as a lifelong path of learning, discovery, and walk to freedom.

That’s how the term SEXUAL SOVEREIGNTY emerged,” she says. “It’s the full ownership of ourselves and our body and our sensual/sexual nature. It is knowing that no person, institution, organization or government has the right to choose what we do with our pleasure, sensuality, sexuality and fertility. That is ours alone to choose.

In today’s show, Dr. Saida speaks to all of this, sharing how she healed after a severe sexual assault, as well as her thoughts on social movements for justice. Her vision is one of healing and growth for all. Most of all she wants people to feel at home in themselves, where they know they belong and that they matter—opening up new levels of freedom, joy, self-confidence and achievement.

As a society, we begin a quest to usher in a new path where SEXUAL SOVEREIGNTY is the cornerstone for all genders, and is the foundation for building understanding, respect, compassion and strength. A world where physical or psychological oppression is no more. A world of the future where #METOO and #TIMESUP are no longer necessary to give voice to our pain and trauma, because we have healed and progressed to space where all people’s sexual sovereignty is respected.