We spend more than one third of our lives asleep… And every night we have have an average of 5-8 dreams (although most people remember far fewer than this!) For years, psychologists and scientists have wondered if dreams are just white noise, some kind of brain discharge, or do they represent something more significant? Could dreams be a key we can use to unlock our unconscious minds?

In this quest for dream understanding, Dr. Kelly is joined by renowned clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, healer, and metaphysical intuitive Dr. Doris E. Cohen, who shares with us some insight from her new book, Dreaming on Both Sides of the Brain: Discover the Secret Language of the Night! Dr. Cohen fuses her clinical experience with her knowledge of Freud, mythos, and sacred writings to explore the psychology of dreams, as well as the language of symbols, the many different types of dreams, and her 7-step process of dream interpretation!

Would you like help with remembering your dreams and learning to decode their meanings? With these tips you can start TONIGHT! In this show, we discuss HOW to better remember your dreams, and we also cover some of the most common dream symbols including pregnancy, death, being naked, school, driving a car, being chased, packing a suitcase, having sex, animals (like snakes, bears, etc), fires, flying, lucid dreams, houses, tidal waves and MORE! If you love traveling the astral plane this is one show you will NOT want to miss!