The Lucidity Festival, nestled in the hills above Santa Barbara, CA, is stepping into the 6th year of its 6-year story April 7-9th 2017, signifying a finale of sorts, and the conclusion of one cycle. Eudaimonia, this year’s theme, is loosely translated as “human flourishing and having a good indwelling spirit”, and it most certainly represents Lucidity’s optimistic look to the future. While the future of the festival beyond this year is unwritten, we do know that the Lucid University, a transformational education platform that was incubated within Lucidity Festival, is poised to blossom as it grounds a campus and permanent home on a community-purchased property called Trillium in Southern Oregon.

In today’s show find out from Lucidity co-founder Jonah Gabriel Hass the secrets to throwing an event like Lucidity, and learn how to participate and join the team. Find out what makes Lucidity so unique and why Dr. Kelly remains so LIT for this festival, year after year. You will also get the full run down on Lucid University’s April 3-5th course offerings including Aryuvedic Herbalism, Dream Council, Regenerative Community Building, Creating Your Personal Mythology, Building with Bamboo and Ecstatic Flow Arts: Movement and Power! Use code “LucidPlanet” for a $15 discount on your tickets to Lucidity Festival and/or Lucid University Courseweek at:

Jonah Gabriel Haas is a messenger, a cultural anthropologist, a lucid dreamer, and an entrepreneur. After completing a double BS in Marketing and Anthropology from the University of Maryland, College Park, he went on to earn an MA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. During this time he focused his studies on the anthropology of tourism, community-driven resource management, and the social theory of global capitalism. Currently, Jonah is the Marketing Director and a Co-Founder of Lucidity Festivals LLC, which is now in its 6th year of transformational festival production in Santa Barbara, CA. He is also a Co-Founder of the Lucid University which intends to ground a permanent wilderness and ecology education campus at Trillium and develop a platform for online trans-disciplinary education.

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As an ambassador of personal, communal, and global transformation for the benefit of our One Human Family and Mother Earth, Jonah is committed to facilitating the emergence of activated land nodes. He envisions these thriving hotspots of human potential as interconnected conscious communities acting as educational institutes and regenerative models for the future of village living on planet earth.