This week, join Dr. Kelly as she talks about all things LUCIDITY with Jonah Gabriel Hass, the Lucidity Festival Marketing Director and co-Founder. Don’t miss the Festival, April 8-10 outside Santa Barbara CA, and check out the brand new Lucid University course offerings April 4-7! Remember, you can save $15 on your tickets to either using code lucidplanet at checkout here, and bundle both to save over $100 on the price of admission!

In this show, we discuss how festivals evolve consciousness by looking through the lens of the intentions that shape Lucidity festival and how it stands out from other events. We also talk about the next phase in the evolution of transformational festivals, including how to take these messages home, course offerings like Lucid University, and the push to create permanent permaculture sites around the country. Also don’t miss the discussion of what to bring/ not bring to festivals, and how to make new friends while at these events!

Lucid means shining, bright, clear, luminous- and that really is the energy that we are bringing both here at the show and also at this event. Lucidity is an open-source transformational arts and music festival, back for the 5th chapter of its epic saga of personal and collective transformation: The Cross Roads. In this year we take a firm look at the challenges we face as a people and a planet and arrive with Solutions… The Crossroads are coming! This is the Now of our socio-cultural evolution. We see our global human family entangled in a liminal, transitional zone between what was and what will be. Crossroads is the place between worlds. It is a limbo zone where many of us are confronted by Shadow and a great fear of the unknown. This dark night of the collective soul represents our final push through the oppressive powers of mind control and socioeconomic domination. Having traversed three years of personal discovery, exploration, and realization, and having time-traveled into our past to learn from our tribal elders, we are now standing upon the mountaintop, hand in hand, looking out upon our beloved Mother Earth. As the Dreamers of the New Dawn, only moments are spent on grief, as we are here to envision solutions. We resolve to cast light upon the darkness, to dig our hands in the dirt, to sing songs of a peaceful future, and actively sweep away that which no longer serves us.

On today’s show we will also be hearing clips of some brand new exclusive tracks from Lucidity artists including Hollis, Groovesession, Oneness and Grymetyme! Light and Love!