Are you looking to achieve better communication, heightened intimacy, and a deeper connection in your relationships? This week, Dr. Kelly interviews world renowned intuitive psychologist Dr. Carmen Harra to discuss her book “The Karma Queens Guide to Relationships,” (which also features her daughter Alexandra Harra.)

In our relationships, karma can be both the problem and solution. Karma is the accumulation of our thoughts, intentions, and actions, both good and bad. The energy of karma manifests into everyday life. It gets attached to our consciousness until it is dealt with. Everyone we meet plays an integral role and the karma we share with one person impacts our dynamic with another. It accounts for the relationships we cultivate overall; if our karma is clogged, we attract the same types of complicated people. We become trapped in a cycle of bringing in partners with the same tendencies, and our relationships will fail time and time again.
Our personal karma reflects the kinds of relationships we foster! Dr. Kelly and Dr. Harra will discuss the four types of love relationships: karmic, transitory, soulful, and compromise. The rare intensity of a soulmate bond is outlined in ten elements that reveal whether our partner is indeed our heart’s other half. Understanding the reality of our relationships allows us to navigate through them with ease and without unnecessary complications. We will also discuss five strategies for effective communication in relationships.


Featured Artwork: Alex Grey, “The Kiss”