Join social psychologist Dr. Kelly for a solo show this week where she discusses how to identify narcissists and control freaks, and reveals tools and strategies to liberate yourself from their energies!

Whether we realize it or not, we have all come into contact with narcissists and/ or control freaks- People who seek to manipulate us, control us, and tell us what to do – usually for their own personal gain or to satisfy their own compulsive needs. Often we don’t see anything wrong with these behaviors, having spent much of our lives around family, friends and colleagues who exhibit these traits.

Topics for this show include: How to identify and differentiate between a narcissist and a control freak (there IS a difference!!), the rising trends in narcissism among young people (due in part to changes in our society like the influx of social media), as well as the toxic relationships that can form between narcissists and empaths, and why control freaks tend to attract people with low- self esteem. Remember, YOU HAVE A CHOICE in where you direct your energy and you CAN make positive changes to remove the energies that do not serve you from your life.