A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Momo Laredo of the Momo Zone on Lucid Planet Radio. He is one of those people whose positive energy is incredibly contagious! You can’t help but feel happy when you’re around him, even just talking to him over the airwaves genuinely lifted my spirits. He is one of the original YouTube success stories, with his inspirational and motivational videos having been viewed millions of times.

Momo has a wonderful perspective on life, and during these seemingly dark and difficult times for humanity, sometimes we all need an injection of positivity and LOVE. We need to EMPOWER ourselves and each other to remember that we CAN make positive changes in our lives and in the world. This isn’t the stuff of fiction: This is real if you want it to be, but it takes focused intention and real action on your part.  And so, I wanted to put this podcast out there to anyone whose spirits need lifting, while also sharing some of the lessons I learned from Momo on how to manifest more positivity in life:

1. Find it in Your Heart To Forgive:

Momo has the phrase “Forgiveness is Freedom” tattooed on his body, because when we forgive, we really are freeing up the weight and the burden that we carry. When we forgive, we are operating from our ‘higher self’ – the part of ourselves that transcends fear, ego and even death (in my opinion). In our podcast, Momo tells a story of being attacked by internet ‘trolls’ when he first began to put his videos on YouTube a decade ago. Instead of getting angry or letting this deter his creative expression, he sent the main perpetrator a webcam so they could face each other and debate over the internet, and they eventually became friends. He explains that when someone treats you with negative energy, they are giving you FUEL: You can get angry, or you can choose to see this as an opportunity to find empathy and an understanding for this person.  (If you want to learn more about how to forgive, Lucid Planet Radio has an entire podcast dedicated to this subject featuring psychologist Dr. Fred Luskin, director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project)

2. Be Kind and Help Out!

As Momo says, human beings are actually here to help one another, not to bring each other down. He advises us all to stay positive and to use negativity as an example of everything we do not want to be part of! We have the power to remix and re-edit our lives, and the ability to change our story. We can do this first and foremost by being kind and loving to other people, and receiving their loving kindness in return. According to Momo, “The love of other people helps us find our worthiness and helps us recognize that we can change our lives.” When we are kind to others, and when we do things to help out without expecting anything back in return, positive vibrations reverberate back to us. For me personally, when I am feeling depressed, being kind to others or helping someone out really does help me feel better.

3. Try… and Don’t Be Afraid to Fail:

Experience is only something we gain after making a bunch of mistakes. People often beat themselves up when they fail, or decide to give up. Momo advises that we should all welcome failure, because we are NOT supposed to get it right the first time. How could we learn any lessons in this life if we did everything perfectly the first time around? Instead of beating yourself up when things aren’t going right, be a cheerleader for yourself, just like you would for the other people you care about. How hard is that, to recognize where you did well, and where you can make improvements? And even if you are failing, hold space for those around you to succeed. Feeling jealous or envious of other people’s success can put a stranglehold on your own abundance. Instead, hold space and allow successful energy to flow freely for yourself and the people around you. Remind yourself that scarcity is a programmed illusion and there is more than enough to go around for EVERYONE.

4. Hone Your Manifestation Skills!

Momo is a firm believer in the art of manifestation, and he might be onto something because his YouTube videos on the topic have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. In our interview, he gave several tips for manifesting your dreams and goals:

  • Go Monophonic:

    Quiet down the loud volume of the voices in your head, of your ego, of all the materialist things you are not taking to the grave, and get tunnel vision about the one thing you are trying to manifest. Stay very focused and GO WITHIN. Everybody that you love is part of your fuel and the power that you can draw from to FOCUS on bringing in your dreams.

  • Do it for the Right Reasons:

    Manifestation is about making dreams and goals happen that will make your life better, which does not necessarily mean fancier or more opulent. This is about making you a better person, so you can in turn be better to others and to our planet…This is not just about you getting a new Porsche because you really want one. Really focus on manifesting goals and dreams that do not serve the immediate needs of the ego, but that serve your life’s greater purpose and your connection to humanity. We all have amazing gifts: Look to manifest a path that will allow you to be abundant while sharing your gifts with the world.

  • Expect the Unexpected:

    Often, our manifestations actually do happen, but not in the ways that we expect. This is OK. Remember, from our current vantage point, we cannot always see the whole picture. But if we do not accept these manifestations when they arrive, even if they are different than we expect, then we miss out. Be open and willing to accept what comes your way, even if it might be different from your expectations: Remember, you can’t even imagine what the universe might have in store for you around the corner.

  • Be Specific:

    The more specific you can be with your manifestations, the better. So if you hate your job and you want a new job that is in line with your passions, make sure to focus on exactly what that new job would be: How it would feel going to work every day, what you would be doing, the types of interactions and responsibilities you would have, etc. Really focus on channeling and experiencing that FEELING. And remember, just like building a house, the foundation has to be built first – In other words, you have to remember to manifest things in the proper order. If you want to manifest a career as a successful surgeon, first you have to manifest going to medical school, and so on.

  • Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends:

    Good friends can actually help you manifest your dreams! The right friends won’t be jealous or envious, they will actually be happy for your successes. The more friends like this that you have, the more easily you will be able to manifest your dreams, and the same is true for them. If you don’t have friends like this yet, don’t worry, they are out there just waiting for you to realize you are worthy of them, and to open up the space for them to come into your life.


I hope this article and our podcast might have helped lift your spirits a little bit. If you want to hear more from Momo, visit his website, watch out his YouTube videos, check out new posts on The Real Love Blog every Friday, and email him at [email protected]. For more from Dr. Kelly, follow her on FB and Twitter and listen to all of her Lucid Planet Radio podcasts on The Lucid Planet. Light and Love!!!