Join Dr. Kelly and her partner Jimmy Ohm, as she discuses her journey as a bisexual woman moving from marriage, to divorce, to open relationships to polyamory. Jimmy Ohm and Dr. Kelly speak honestly and candidly about what it is like to have multiple intimate relationships with multiple people. As a psychologist and sex professor for many years, Dr. Kelly offers the unique perspective of merging her professional training with her own personal journey. Still, we are NOT experts, just enthusiastic amateurs sharing our opinions and experiences


Dr. Kelly and Jimmy Ohm


Did humans truly evolve to be monogamous? What does polyamory mean for our ideas of love and abundance? How does polyamory differ from open relationships? How can we ethically and responsibly navigate creating intimate relationships with multiple people? What are some of the main fears and issues that arise, and how can we deal with them? What is the connection between spiritual growth and having multiple partners?

Dr Kelly and Jimmy Ohm have been traveling the country this summer giving polyamory workshops to their community at transformational festivals, and now you have the chance to listen from home, or participate at Enchanted Forest Gathering from August 14-16th in Mendocino.