Today’s show is all about finding the right partner and getting what you want out of relationships! Dr. Kelly, creator of the new show, SLUTLOGIC, is joined by Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford University Dr. Susan Edelman, to discuss her new book on the topic, Be Your Own Brand of Sexy! In this illuminating and powerful talk, Dr. Susan will help explain the mystery of why people don’t get what they want in relationships, and give audiences the tools to enjoy the process of dating and experience sexual fulfillment!

Many people think they can get what they want in relationships from changing their appearance, or pleasing the other person, trying to be sexier or even just from changing their partner. This approach simply doesn’t work!!! We need to discover what’s right for us and learn how to stand up for ourselves There is a lot of pressure on all sides, and a lot of people who are overly picky and judgmental towards themselves and others.

Today’s dating culture is a minefield. With tricky dos and don’ts and endless conflicting strategies, people are more confused than ever! Certain societal norms can even make it more difficult for you to be open with your partner. Find out today how to cultivate your own brand of sexy and create the relationships you desire We will also apply these theories to non-traditional forms of dating, such as non-monogamy and more.

Cover Artwork by: Mark Henson