Don’t miss Dr. Kelly’s interview with comedian Shane Mauss, who is taking the country by storm with his new stand up show, “A Good Trip” – (Catch him in Boulder CO on March 9th and Denver CO on March 15th!)

During this hour, we examine the intersection of science, psychology and psychedelics, and Shane shares with us his inspirations and comedic roots. An avid proponent of psychedelic medicine (Shane regularly uses magic mushrooms for depression and creativity) as well as psychedelic spirituality, we will discuss Shane’s experiences with DMT as we seek to explore how neuroscience and psychology factor into the psychedelic experience. The goal is to take a critical view of our own experiences and explain them in a scientific way. And using laughter, of course. 🙂

Shane also reveals whether he has ever tripped on stage during his show, his thoughts on if we are living in a computer situation, and what it’s like to (possibly) be a dirty hippie. Check it out! <3