This week, Dr. Kelly interviews the director of the Ram Dass Love Serve Remember Foundation, Raghu Markus, about journeys to India to meet Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba, his time spent learning from and working with, Ram Dass, the Mindrolling podcast, and finding spirituality.

Raghu Markus

Raghu Markus spent two years in India with Maharaji and Ram Dass. He has been involved in music and transformational media since the early 1970s when he was program director of CKGM-FM in Montreal. In 1974 he collaborated with Ram Dass on the box set Love Serve Remember. In 1990 he launched Triloka Records and Karuna Music in Los Angeles, California. Triloka established itself as a critical leader in the development of world music and for 17 years was home to such artists as Krishna Das, Hugh Masekela, Walela, Jai Uttal and transformational media projects that featured Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, and Les Nubians. Currently he is the Executive Director of the Love Serve Remember Foundation and his Mindrolling Podcast is part of the Be Here Now Network.

Ram Dass Portrait by Martina Hoffman