brain injury month

Are you one of the millions of Americans struggling with health problems that conventional medicine and most alternative therapies have not helped?

Join Dr. Kelly and special guest Dr. Steven M Hall, an MD who has been practicing integral medicine since the early 80’s, to find out how to get the real roots of the problems of why you are still sick.

In this talk we discuss how healing is all about consciousness awareness. You are participating in the creation of your life as it unfolds moment by moment. Consciousness is creative. With the right practice, you can find and change the aspects inside yourself that are contributing to creating things in your life that you don’t want and start creating things that you do want. Your inner wisdom knows the right practice for you!

According to Dr. Hall, what we need in order to heal absolutely anything, is an effective, practical, reliable way to find and change any beliefs we may be holding that are contributing to the creation of the things in our lives that we don’t want, such as diseases, relationship problems, lack of abundance, stress, addictions, anxiety, depression, weight issues, the list goes on.

Through his years of practice, his patients have shown him the way through the Seven Tools of Healing, which we discuss in great detail on the show (here’s a little teaser!)

1) Faith & Purpose
2) Awareness
3) Acceptance
4) Kindness & Compassion
5) Forgiveness
6) Gratitude
7) Right Action

Steven M. Hall, MD began his medical career in 1985 as a residency trained and board certified Family Practitioner. His practice has been strongly influenced by his search for the answers to two questions: “What is ‘healing’?” and “How can I best help you with yours?” His searching quickly took him beyond the borders of conventional medicine and he has explored many of the world’s leading healing traditions. He excels at taking seemingly disparate and conflicting ideas, finding common ground, and integrating them. He has developed and currently practices a form of primary care that successfully integrates the best from conventional and many forms of alternative medicine into one seamless medicine. He has personally seen what works and what doesn’t work for deep, authentic healing and, more importantly, has delved into why. His passion is now to share what he has learned with the world. Early writings include a booklet on the nutritional supplement Noni juice that sold over 100,000 copies. He taught at Bastyr University, the local Naturopathic medical school, for many years. He also trains other practitioners in Craniosacral Therapy and teaches “Taming the Bear: Take the bite out of stress” classes to everyone. He speaks regularly on topics from bio-identical hormones to The Seven Tools of Healing. Having helped raise four children and send them out into the world, he and Patti, his wife of 34 years, are empty nesting on 14 acres in Snoqualmie, WA where they organically raise the bulk of their own food.