Today’s show is all about happiness, what it takes to thrive and prosper in a world where at least 80% of people live on $10 a day, while more than 80% of the world’s people live in countries where income differences are widening.

It may seem contradictory given how much of the mass killing, hate and conflict in our world has been sparked or justified using religion, but in this show we are going to examine how there are essential truths of love and kindness that are the common ground for all three major world religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Far from being diabolically opposed ideologies fighting each other to the death, the roots of these three beliefs belong to the same tree, and when the dogma is removed, they can teach us important positive lessons.  By cutting to the heart of the commandments of each religion with the unerring sharpness of a surgeon’s scalpel, my guest Shari Brown has laid out the only seven rules you must follow, along with the practical steps that make it possible to achieve happiness and prosperity – guaranteed. Find out the commandments derived from these religions that will unlock a happy and prosperous life in only two months!

Shari Sharifi Brown has spent her life between Iran and the United States.  She was born a Shiite Muslim in Iran.  She came to the United States to study at California State University, Los Angeles and earned a B.S. in Engineering and also received a post graduate degree in engineering management from Harvard.   She returned to Iran for work as a structural engineer.  After the Iranian Revolution, she moved back to the United States and has now lived here for over 30 years. Although she was born a Muslim in pre-revolutionary Persia, she converted to Christianity in school and married into a Jewish-American Family.  Through her lifetime of study and practice of these philosophies, she came to an important conclusion: we must follow the key elements of all three major religions to make us happy and secure. She contends that the similarities of the three outweigh the differences and that we can learn from all of them.


Don’t miss a discussion of happiness as interpreted across the world’s major religion, and listen to the end to hear Shari’s perspective on Islam and those who hide behind the religion to create conflict and violence.