Welcome to The Lucid Planet and Lucid Planet Radio, presented by Dr. Kelly.

My goal as a psychologist and writer is to help empower and inspire people to follow their passions and live their dreams. I believe that everyone is worthy of love and happiness, and I seek to provide them with tools to facilitate their growth and personal development. I hope that I can encourage you to think critically about our world and thrive even in the face of hardships or adversity.

I find it beautiful and serendipitous to announce that the official launch of the Lucid Planet website (February 9th 2015), coincides with my 33rd birthday today!! What a journey it has been to get there! There have been intense highs and lows, lessons, struggles, and immense joy that I would not trade for anything.

It has been a dream several years in the making to by nearly ready to launch Lucid Planet Radio- my new weekly talk radio program which will stream online on Transformation FM, as well as airing LIVE on the AM radio on Wednesdays, at 2pm PST in Seattle/ and 5pm EST in New York. Please stay tuned for the launch in March.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my writing, and that you are ready to transform the world from within!

Blessings and Love to You <3