Join Dr. Kelly and inspirational speaker, writer and director Momo Laredo as we discuss the tools and practices for enhancing love, confidence, and positivity in your life! Momo, one of the original YouTube stars on the MomoZone, has dedicated his life to spreading these messages of hope and positive thinking across his websites, The Momo Zone and The Real Love Blog as well as across speaking engagements around the world. Learn about the importance of manifestation, and how you can empower yourself to bring the exact energies you want into your life! We will also be talking about sex and relationships, an what it takes to make long term partnerships successful. Stay tuned for fun and good vibes!

Momo is multi-platform artist specializing in music creation and production (38 years), videography,producing, directing and editing (10years), web design (10 years). He is an independent online motivator for the ongoing project titled: The Momo Zone, investing in humanity (2007-to present) He also has an audio/visual content production house with his life partner Crila. Visit their Real Love Blog every Monday for a new article and photo about love and relationships.