Just in time for the holidays… Learn how to curb your food cravings with the Cravings Boss! Find out how to deal with holiday stress eating to stay hydrated and happy!

As healthy gourmet chef, certified nutritionist and health counselor, Natalia Levey shares a practical and effective guide for overcoming cravings. In today’s show, she reveals a unique a five-step plan to take control and a proven process to tame your food temptations permamently! We know that nutrition is the cornerstone of health, and when we eat unhealthy processed foods, we are not helping our healing process.

“Understanding the source of our cravings and how to curb them has been the biggest ‘A-ha’ revelation that I discovered in my Healthy Intent business practice, so I wanted to create an easy and fun plan for people who are on the weight loss journey or simply seeking to eat healthier.”

In today’s show we will discuss:
• How to overcome self sabotage, stress-eating and break old habits.
• How to replace “bad” food choices with healthy, satisfying options.
• The causes of food cravings and how to identify them.
• A simple 5 – step plan to end your cravings: Pause, Cause, Trigger, Engage Imagination & Take Action!
• Successful Ways to Curb Urges for Sugar and Sweets… Especially around the holidays!

“Cravings are not the enemy,” states Natalia. She adds, “They are however often the body’s way of communicating with us about our nutritional deficiencies, stress, dehydration and more, my book will teach you how to feed your body and soul with what it “really” needs to feel happy and satisfied.”