The world can sometimes feel like such an intense and competitive place. We can all put so much pressures on ourselves to have MORE, to do MORE.. Just to BE MORE! We are programmed to believe in scarcity, to believe that we do NOT have enough. We are taught that all of the resources in our lives are limited- Money, gas, energy, food, even love.. We are taught to believe in this scarcity even within ourselves.

But what if this is just a myth? What is this system of scarcity, competition and fear is NOT genuine and authentic to us, and it is something that each of us has the power to overcome? After all, each of us is responsible for our own self-esteem, happiness and wellness. But where are all these ideas of scarcity coming from, and how can we overcome them?

To address these questions, Dr. Kelly interviews Laurie McCammon about her new book, “Enough!  How to Liberate Yoursef and Remake the World with Just One Word.” In this interview, we discuss the root causes of ‘never enough-ness,’ how to liberate yourself and find your sense of ‘ENOUGH’ right now, as well as the secret places where ‘enough’ is always found, and how we are experiencing a paradigmatic shift from competition to collaboration, from the lone survival of the fittest to the power of WE!

Laurie McCammon, M.S. has cofounded a number of consciousness raising organizations including the Women’s Institute of Maine, Imagine the Good Foundation and the World Institute of Social Architecture. Laurie hosts the We Are Enough blog, gives workshops and speaches about the transformative power of Enough, and will soon be releasing a co-authored companion guidebook to Enough. Laurie has been a long-time advocate for women’s leadership, and has served as a delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women where she has presented the Enough message to an international audience.