In honor of the 50th Episode of Lucid Planet Radio (!!!), Dr. Kelly welcomes back her partner and regular guest, vibrational alchemist Jimi Ohm, to discuss transformation as a life-long process of finding peace as we move through the chaos. Jimi Ohm lives his life according to Nickolai Tesla’s assertion that “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” He works with many kinds of different frequencies and vibrations, including those related to music, sound, plants, water, the human body, the Earth’s magnetic field, and the energy fields of all living things. Message him at [email protected] and check out his a selection of his music (including the theme song for the show!) on Soundcloud.

Life is a transformation, and when we stop transforming, our journey is over. But how do we make sense of the changes that arise as we begin to see the world differently? How do we learn to let go of what is ‘comfortable’ to pursue what really matters in life? In this episode, Dr. Kelly and Jimi Ohm will discuss the “Saturn Return” phenomenon that occurs around age 29, and again at 58. What does this mean, and is this where the ideas of the ‘quarter-life’ and ‘mid-life’ crisis really emerge from? How can we move through these natural changes this to create a life that resonates with our highest selves?

Next, we discuss the “Transformational Festival” movement, and highlight the importance of coming together to co-create with others surrounding music, sound and art. What makes some artistic or cultural events ‘transformational’ whereas others are not? Can we find a way to overcome dogma and separation and recognize that inspiration and transformation can happen in all types of places and spaces, giving permission to all people who gather to hold intentions for change? Is it time to rename ‘transformational’ festivals and what would that new conceptualization look like?

Finally, we discuss the many issues that arise as people undergo the transformation process in a spiritual journey, including Spiritual Bypassing, ‘Pre- Enlightened’ Arrogance and ‘Spiritual Competition.’ If true spirituality means finding acceptance and non-judgement, how do we make sense of some people’s urges to classify themselves as ‘more spiritual’ or ‘better than’ others? How can we cope with this while also recognizing when it happens in our own lives?

Jimi Ohm and Dr. Kelly <3

I just want to express my profound gratitude to everyone who has helped the show reach 50 Episodes! Thank you so much for all of the love and support of me living my dream and sharing my passions with the world. Here’s to the next 50! <3


Art Work Credit: Amanda Sage, White Tara