Dr. Kelly interviews Jacob Devaney of Unify, Uplift Connect and Culture Collective this week about the intersection of art, culture and spirituality to impact global change. Catch the LIVE broadcast Wed June 15th at 2pm PT on Transformation Talk Radio, Lucid Planet Radio, CRN Digital Talk or Listen right NOW on Soundcloud!

During these times of fear-based crises and turmoil, how can we work to create more positive, uplifting media stories about the future of humanity? How is co-collaboration bringing competition and innovation for our global community? How can people get involved and feel more connected in their life’s work and passions? How do we overcome the ‘Anger of Activism’ to find peace and balance within ourselves? What does it take for humans to overcome the ‘US v Them’ dynamic and to embrace our unity consciousness?

In this show, we will discuss the global synchronized meditation efforts of, with over a million Facebook followers and over 2,000 organizers world-wide, who produce globally synchronized meditations 4-6 times per year with a different theme each time. Don’t miss World Yoga Day on June 21st!

Listeners will also have the chance to peek behind the curtain at, which is a leading international media outlet focusing on the intersection of art, science, and spirituality. Jacob will discuss these projects as well as his work with traditional native elders of multiple tribes to delight, inform, and inspire you with his creative work. Are you looking for a career in alternative media? This discussion might inspire you. Are you looking to find out more about how festivals connect us to our tribal roots, and how to launch a career that mirrors your passions? Don’t miss this show !

Jacob is Co-Founder of, a blogger for and Huffington Post, and Director of He specializes in synthesizing art, science, and spirituality into informational blogs as well as developing social media campaigns and transmedia content for social change. His work with elders from multiple native tribes including Hopi, Lakota, and Cherokee, along with his own Creole background gives him a unique perspective on modern events through a lens of ancient prophecies and indigenous understanding. Jacob is a lover of nature and community, believing that we are all interconnected with our own special gift to offer the world. Light and Love!

Jacob Devaney

This episode also features tracks from Sonic Bloom artists Clozee and Templo! Don’t miss them and so much more this weekend, June 16-19th at Hummingbird Ranch in Rye, CO! Find out why Sonic Bloom is going to be one of the best festivals of the year, and please come check out Dr Kelly’s Sex & Consciousness workshop on Sunday June 19th in the D’Om at 11:30AM.