Expert Yogi Sindy Warren joins Dr. Kelly on the show today to go deeper into the Spiritual and Emotional roots of Yoga. For Sindy, Yoga is More than the “Asanas” or The Poses; It’s a System that Encompasses 8 Steps to an Enhanced, Healthy and Authentic Way of Living!

If you believe that Yoga is just what happens on a yoga mat in a 1.5 hour session of Downward Dog and Child’sPose, then you are missing out on something much more.

While Yogis through the centuries have assiduously studied the Sanskrit-translated Yoga Sutras, now there is Sindy Warren’s Radi8: Using the Practice of Yoga to Cultivate Your Inner Shine for the rest of us!

This compact book is a crystalized, bite-sized distillation of this wisdom that turns everyday life into a joy to live.

In today’s show Warren elucidates the eight “limbs” of yoga and how they can be interpreted for today’s aspiring yogi or even the yoga- curious. We will explore these spiritual traditions and find out how to use yoga to enhance our mind-body-spirit connection.

As we move into Fall, this is a perfect time to use yoga to connect to the deeper wisdom and love within yourself 🙂

Artwork: Ardha Matsyendrasana – 2010 by Karmym