***UPDATE! Listen here to Dr. Kelly’s appearance on the Dr. Pat Show *****

Dr Kelly Neff, renowned psychologist, author and founder of The Lucid Planet is pleased to announce her radio debut on the Dr. Pat Show, Thursday March 26th at 10am PT/1 pm ET on Transformation Talk Radio , KKNW 1150 AM Seattle, FM 98.9 HD 3 Seattle and WBLQ 1230 AM Rhode Island.
The show will be *LIVE* on the air, and also available for streaming via I Tunes, I Heart Radio, podcasting and more. To speak with Dr. Kelly during the show, call in at 1-800-930-2819.

On Thursday, Dr. Kelly will be speaking about her life journey and experiences, including her transition from an academic psychology professor and medical researcher to one of the foremost online authors on the health and wellness, spirituality, psychology and relationships, read by millions across websites like Mind Body Green, The Mind Unleashed, My Tiny Secrets, Elephant Journal, Enlightened Consciousness, and more. She will also speak about the inspiring visionary art & culture scene in Colorado and beyond, and the impact of the emerging transformational festival culture on her life!


Dr. Kelly recently launched  The Lucid Planet, a community gathering space with positive, solution-oriented content designed to inspire change, transform lives, and help people navigate the global shift in consciousness.

Dr. Kelly’s goal is to help people transform the world from within by enabling them break free from emotional pain, get in touch with their authentic selves, and live their truest passion and purpose.


Be sure to stay tuned for more because on Wed April 22nd at 2pm PT/5pm ET, the new hit show Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly will go LIVE on KKNW 1150 AM Seattle, FM 98.9 HD 3 Seattle   Seattle, and WBLQ 1230AM in New York, CT and RI, as well as streaming via the web on Transformation FM, I Tunes, I Heart Radio, and more!

Tune in every Wednesday afternoon for positive, high vibrational content and a stellar line-up of guests that will amaze and inspire you to become the greatest version of yourself! We will cover a variety of topics in including health and wellness, sexuality, spirituality, transformational culture, science and technology, and more! Have you got a guest you would like to hear on the show? Contact Dr. Kelly!  Blessings and Love!

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