This has been an emotional summer for many of us, myself included. The past few months have been marked by highs and lows, extreme loss and also by profound joy. I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but there seems to be an overall feeling that we have put ours hearts into this one 110% and we are collectively reeling from the FEELS.

Perhaps this is a symptom part of the massive shifting consciousness happening on the planet, and our profound (and increasingly difficult to ignore) realization that changes MUST happen in human behavior if we would like to continue inhabiting planet earth. (I’m referring for example to what Stephen Hawking said about humans needing to find a new planet to inhabit in the next 1,000 years, as well as the report from this group of scientists that we have “reached the point of no return” when it comes to climate change ). We are changing, growing, and wanting better for each other and for the planet, but sometimes we can feel like infants still learning walk when it seems like we need to be sprinting.

Even with all of the struggle and challenges that we face- No, ESPECIALLY because of all the struggles and challenges we face- As long as I am here in this physical incarnation, I remain an optimist, and I am not giving up hope that we can change thing for the better. I don’t believe that these obstacles are here not to destroy us, but to teach us to find strength. But man, it’s been tough lately.

On a road trip from Northern California back home to Colorado last week, it was noticeable that a huge part of the Western United States is currently on fire. Miles and miles of charred forest and thick haze stuck around all the way through Nevada, Wyoming amid reports are that the haze is reaching as far as Michigan.

As I examined the parched, torched, once lusher landscapes in Northern California, I was struck by the feeling that this fire serves as a profound symbol for the inner fire that is raging, burning and consuming us all, both individually and as a collective. As my partner Jimi Ohm has always said, fire looks destructive, but it is also incredibly creative, clearing the forest so the seed pods can open and new growth can happen. And this inner fire has the potential to completely transform our lives, but it can also feel like an incredibly painful process.

Has this summer felt especially emotional for you? If so, you are certainly not alone. If you follow astrology and you believe that the planets (or at least, people’s perceptions of the planets) have an impact on Earth and human life, then you might find have found the astrological events of this summer to be rather… intense.

Venus in retrograde from July 25th to September 6th is pushing us to go within and to examine and assess what we truly love and value. This period is traditionally associated with endings of relationships, but also, new beginnings. As Venus disappears from the night sky, we are asked to go deep into the shadows to explore that old, outmoded programming is holding us back in love and no longer serving us. This is can be an extremely painful process, leading us to feel a profound shift in ourselves and our relationships: There will be endings, new beginning, heartbreak, new seeds planted and changes abound. As the West Coast burns, Venus is lighting the fire deep within our hearts.

When Venus finally goes direct on September 6th, she emerges in the night sky once more, as the brightest star in the sky, reflecting that once we undergo this fire, this alchemy, this journey into the darkness and back, we will emerge into our lives and relationships with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. We will have a fearlessness moving forward, knowing that we have faced the depths of our souls, we have look into that mirror, and we have survived. As I said earlier, these obstacles are not here to destroy us, but to show us our true nature and our inner strength. (For much more on Venus Retrograde, check out this article from Mystic Mamma.)

Before Venus goes direct, on August 29th there will be an incredibly emotional full moon supermoon in Pisces. This week’s full moon has been referred to as “The Emotional Apocalpyse” where we will be reaching our emotional boiling point, a fiery climax that we have been building towards since April. Once again, this moon pushes us to go within to connect to our hearts, and to evaluate if we are truly on the right path. In conjunction with the Venus retrograde, this full moon seems to reiterate the theme of a fire in the depths of our souls consuming what no longer serves us and forcing us to listen more deeply to our hearts. (Read this article on Elephant Journal for more on this full moon).

For this full moon, emotional conflict and heated exchanges are not the best course of action.  Instead, go within and examine the part you have played in your current relationships and life path, and be accountable for how your decisions have played out. Becoming reactive with loved ones, laying blame outside of yourself, or hiding from your choices will not serve you. Accept yourself and settle into the willingness to let go of what no longer serves you in honor of your highest good.

For the next few weeks, until Venus re-emerges in the skies again on September 6th, we need to brace ourselves for more intense emotions and feelings. I do not have all the answers (and the truth is, like all of us, I make mistakes constantly!!) but I hope that these six tips can help make these next few weeks less challenging and more constructive:

1. Hang in there: You might feel like you are at the end of your rope, like you simply can’t take it anymore. Trust me, I know the feeling. But you MUST hang on. Do not give up on yourself. We must all do this for each other, holding space so that together we do not implode from the pain and the hurt, but we use it to make us stronger. These intense emotional feelings will pass, and until they do, you must dig deep and find the strength within that you didn’t even know you had.

2. Give The Fire Permission to Burn: The inner fire might hurt, and the feeling of loss and heartbreak that comes with it might also sting terribly. But the fire must run its course, and by allowing it to do so, you are clearing your forest so that new seeds can open and new growth can happen. Life is all about transformation, and right now we may feel that we are going through the darkest part of it, but we will re-emerge and look back with gratitude and clarity after the storm clears. Be flexible and willing to let go of what is not working.

3. Avoid Taking Things Personally: So many people I have spoken with lately feel like they are disliked, misunderstood, unsupported or just plain hated. And I know this is simply not true. So why these feelings? We all seem to be taking things extra personally right now. With so many people experiencing emotional turmoil, it is very easy to feel as if someone else’s turmoil is a reflection of yours. But before you rush to make assumptions, consider that everyone needs space right now, and we all have our own battles. Give it a few weeks, and if you still feel that way, then bring it up. But for now, sit with your thoughts and feelings and trust that you are loved, and that other people’s behavior might have nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

4. Embrace Your Depth: As a collective, we are being pushed to go deeper than ever before as we wake up to the needs of our planet and seek out solutions to the many problems we are facing. As individuals, we begin to find our own personal solutions by fearlessly embracing the depths of our consciousness, our souls, our joys and our pain bodies. What is the programming we are carrying that no longer serves us? Are our current life paths in alignment with our hearts and heads? Do not be afraid of what you may find inside of yourself.

5. Remember, the FEELS do not rule your life: This one can be hard, especially when our feelings are so raw, so intense, and so deep. But you are MORE than just your emotions. You are an energetic being connected to all living things- As Rumi said, “you are the entire ocean in a drop.” Instead of projecting your feelings outwards and creating conflict, or beating yourself up, choose to take a more compassionate and loving approach towards yourself. Engage in behaviors that make you feel good, such as creative pursuits that bring you into a mental state of flow, or spending time in fresh air, exercising, doing yoga, playing with animals, dancing, reading, meditating etc. You DO have power here to make constructive efforts to help regulate your emotions and your state of mind

6. Tell the people you love how much you care. Anyone who has lost someone close to to them knows that we always wish for more time, or more opportunities to tell that person that we love them. During this time of emotional turmoil where so many people are hurting and consumed by the inner fire, simple acts of loving kindness, even just saying “I love you, I’m here for you” can have a huge impact. By spreading this love, you are becoming part of the solution, part of the healing that so many of us are needing. So don’t hold back. If you love someone, this is a wonderful time to let them know. Kindness costs you nothing, but can mean everything to someone else.

Blessings, Light and Love!

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